Our services include all you need:

  1. Personalized solution: We will work out your personal and family members needs and goals to be sure the recommended solution fulfills all your requirements.
  2. Assistance: We will assist you during every step of the process, from first consultation to the eventual return on your investment. We will support you with the application process and locally in Antigua and Barbuda when setting up your life and business there.
  3. Integration: We will assist you to relocate in Antigua and Barbuda and to find the most suitable real estate for your needs whether you will live there yourself or buy it for rental. We will advise you how to form a local company, how to open local bank accounts and how to invest in local and regional businesses.

The Procedure and expected time frame (between 4-6 months):

1. Signing a contract

A contract with our company can be signed in one of our offices or remotely.

To draw up a contract you only need to provide copies of the travel documents of all family members.

2. Preparation of documents

Time frame: 3 weeks

We prepare the documents for the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship application, translate and get them apostilled; our lawyer provides advice for completing the questionnaire.

We will recommend you the clinics for undergoing medical examination and receiving a medical report.

3. Passing the due diligence test

Time frame: 3-5 months

At this stage, we submit the documents to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. Your personal presence is not required.

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda performs the Due Diligence check (background check) and approves your application.

4. Obtaining the passports

Time frame: 1 week

After the government approval, you collect the naturalization certificate. Then you obtain the passport of Antigua and Barbuda within two or three days. You can collect the passports in our office at any time convenient for you!

PLEASE NOTE: during the first five years following the receipt of passport you need to stay for minimum total 5 days in Antigua and Barbuda.